Customer Testimonials

We can tell you that we’re the experts at what we do until we’re blue in the face, but we know you’d rather hear it from our customers. Here are just a few things that our loyal customers have had to say about the service they’ve received from WesternOne..

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We, at Ross Rex Industrial Painters Ltd commend you and your staff on your field service abilities.

Having a service technician onsite within 35 minutes of a phone call is outstanding.

We wanted you to know that your response to our request did not go unnoticed and we are very appreciative of your efforts.

We think very highly of Western One and when we see efforts like this, it only strengthens our relationship.

- Dana Reed, Ross Rex Industrial Painters Ltd.

WEDGE gives us a level of comfort that the field temperatures are controlled adequately, and on a continuous basis during extreme weather conditions to ensure uniform and reliable curing of concrete placements.

WesternOne established a new forklift propane delivery service for GA Masonry. Travis, our Customer Service Representative, truly understands the meaning of customer service; he is friendly and so accommodating. He is efficient, knows all of our job sites and I know when I place an order with him that it will be done and done right. I do the lion's share of the purchasing for our company and deal with many suppliers, and Travis ranks as one of the best.

- Joy Tomlinson - GA Masonry

Initially, when we started commercial applications, we tried three different rental companies and it didn't take long to establish an excellent working relationship with WesternOne. Your rental pricing is competitive; equipment is always well maintained and the odd time wehave encountered a problem with a machine, a serviceman is immediately dispatched and either repairs the issue or the machine is replaced without losing much downtime.

We've used WesternOne as our propane supplier for the past six years. They are in at approximately the same time each day and the drivers are friendly and very respectful of our property and our procedures. We opted to leave WesternOne purely due to better pricing at the time. However, a short time later we jumped at the opportunity to ask them to once again be our propane supplier.

- Debbie Gilchrist, Office Manager - Dock Works Inc

WesternOne's flameless heating equipment delivered huge volumes of heat to our job and allowed our project to decrease fuel consumption and reduce indirect operating costs, all while making our job site safer. We're glad we had a chance to experience this technology vs conventional heating devices.