Film Production Equipment

Quiet on set... lights… camera... ACTION!

This phrase is known to most of us but to WesternOne it has a special meaning. For over 20 years WesternOne and its principal founding legacy company Production Equipment, have been honored to service the equipment needs of Western Canada’s growing film industry.

“Quiet on set” to us means our equipment used to create the set design and later dismantle it, have done their job. That our lift equipment has correctly positioned the “lights, sound and camera” crews to capture each of those creative moments of film artistry.

Yes, at WesternOne it is “action” that raises us above our competitors. We have earned a reputation for service to the industry that has privileged us to be involved in so many great film and TV productions done here in Western Canada. Production crews know they can count on WesternOne to be on time with delivery, that the equipment delivered is in peak operating condition and that all special requirements, last minute moves or additional set requirements will be promptly responded to by WesternOne.

When each minute of film captured can cost thousands of dollars, it is important that all of our equipment and logistics perform at their best. At WesternOne we strive to provide an Academy Award winning performance in every production. Since every production carries a little bit of us in them, when they win awards and accolades, become box office hits or wow audiences, we in turn, feel a little piece of the fame.

Our film production team can be reached through Zee Salehian, at 604.945.5004 or request an online quote