At WesternOne, we’re committed to helping you do your job safer, easier, and faster. We know you don’t cut any corners, and we won’t either. 


Safety is first priority in our industry, and something that WesternOne takes very seriously. Our strict Occupational Health and Safety program requires that all technical staff are trained and certified on the equipment they work with, and your employees can have this training, too. WesternOne offers hands-on, industry-recognized training courses covering aerial lift equipment, construction heater safety, forklifts, excavators, skid steers and fall protection. 


Our drivers won’t just drop equipment on site and leave. They’ll set the equipment up and run through the basics with you to ensure you know how to operate it once they leave. If you have questions about the operation of your equipment once it’s on site, we’re just a phone call away.

If your temporary heat job requires a permit, we’ll get it for you. One less thing you need to worry about when you choose WesternOne.


When you give us an expected delivery time, we meet it. We know how precious your time is, and we are committed to getting equipment to you on time so you can finish your job without unnecessary delays.  


SAFER. EASIER. FASTER. That’s Expertise at Work.