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Trained workers are confident workers

Safe use of Aerial Platforms requires Operators to understand limitations, warnings, operating procedures and responsibilities. Before using an Aerial Lift Platform, Operators must be familiar with the onboard Operator’s manual, and all warning and instructions decals on the aerial equipment. Operators must be familiar with Governing Authorities regulations and demonstrate his / her ability operating each Aerial Platform category in order to receive a certificate.

WesternOne provides GENIE, ANSI (American National Standards Institute) CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved Aerial Lift Training classes, available for Scissor Lifts only or Scissor Lifts and Manlifts (Boom Lifts). Classes require a ½ day commitment; participants receive a proof of training, wallet Certificate.

Operators must be trained by a recognized training provider before using Aerial Lift Equipment. Plan ahead and have your employees attend a class before working at site.

Training is general in nature covering safe operating procedures for all types of aerial platforms.  Trainers present four components through interactive classroom participation and then on to the equipment for the demonstration and proficiency components.

  1. Responsibility
    The ANSI Responsibilities Manual outlines the responsibilities of manufacturers, dealers, owners, users, and operators of aerial platforms as they relate to the safe use of equipment.

  2. Safety
    There is specific hazards associated with operating aerial platforms.  We train Operators to be keen observers, they learn to identify hazards. Trained Operators better understand the need for safe work practice and adherence to job site rules and regulations. 

  3. Operation
    Your employees will learn the five principles of safe machine operation, in the classroom and on the equipment.

  4. Hands On
    During the hands on section of the seminar, our qualified instructors will assess the participant’s proficiency as they demonstrate their knowledge of the principles.   Students operate lift equipment with Instructor Supervision to demonstrate proficiency. 

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