Work Smarter with WEDGE™

WEDGE™ is a technology-enabled service provided by WesternOne that gives their customers access to information about their construction sites anywhere and at anytime. It gives increased visibility and control to any worksite with an easy-to-use dashboard that can be accessed by phone or computer. WEDGE™ gives users access to critical construction site information such as temperature and humidity levels in multiple locations - crucial in determining conditions for curing concrete and other materials. It also allows contractors to create proper conditions for millwork, and to keep crews working on interior finishing jobs when the conditions are within acceptable ranges.

Alerts are set up and adjusted as needed so that project owners and managers can get notified immediately if measurements exceed or drop below set thresholds with temperature, humidity or fuel levels. This means seeing issues before they become problems, and getting the work done when it needs to be done.

WEDGE™ was launched by WesternOne in 2017, having gone through a thorough prototyping, testing and build process. The service has already satisfied some the largest contractors in the construction industry.

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