Remote Monitoring for Worksites

Work Smarter with WEDGE™

Remote monitoring for the worksite, accessible data 24/7.

Is there a way to give you more control and visibility over your jobsite? The experts at WesternOne think so. We’ve developed a remote monitoring system that’s customized to your project and accessible from your device 24/7.

So how does it work?

WEDGE™ is a two-part system - a network of physical sensors installed on site by WesternOne professionals and an online dashboard accessible via your computer, tablet or smartphone. WEDGE™ is fully compatible with iOS and Android systems.

worksite remote monitoring diagram

WEDGE™ monitors and records external conditions like temperature, humidity, and propane tank levels. WEDGE™ is flexible to fit the size of any worksite, from high rises to residential.

Sensors are customizable, you set the thresholds and see the data specific to the project. You can log into WEDGE™ at any time, from anywhere and review your site conditions on your custom dashboard.


If a set threshold is reached, you and any team members you’ve assigned can get an instant text notification alerting you to the exact sensor location and nature of the alert. WEDGE™ gives you the ability to monitor your site from anywhere, any time.

Is WEDGE™ right for your worksite?

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