What Customers Say

See what WesternOne's WEDGE™ customers are saying:

“The WEDGE™ system all but eliminates the need for expensive callouts on overtime to check tarps and heaters during the nights and weekends. All information on ambient temperatures in hoarded areas is remotely accessible through your cellphone, and will send out alerts via text if the temperature in these areas rises or falls outside these parameters.”
-  Garth Babcock, Site Superintendent, APG Construction Ltd. 

WEDGE remote monitoring for construction worksites text message

WEDGE™ gives us a level of comfort that the field temperatures are controlled adequately, and on a continuous basis during extreme weather conditions to ensure uniform and reliable curing of concrete placements.”
- Garth Babcock, Site Superintendent, APG Construction Ltd.

“The WEDGE™ dashboard provides information that helps us manually adjust heaters and fans to achieve our target temperature.”
- Doug Hunter, Site Superintendent, HESTIA Construction Inc.